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Monday, September 26, 2011
I just finished clearing up my mouldy blogspot.. zzz..

My last post was in June! Meaning, it has been more than 3 months till now..! 0.0

However, due to lack of blogging for a long time, I suddenly duno what to start with. Never mind, I shall post randomly as I go down..

These months have been up and down for me, mainly because of this sudden death sentence that I received in July/August. But so far so good, I have managed to handle it well. ^^ From 10.2 --> 7.3 --> 6.6 (NOW! YAY!!) To those friends who know what is happening, here are my results for the past months, have been coping well, thanks for all your love and concern :D

(Damn.. Coco biting my shoes again!) --> Abit random, but that is what she is doing to my beloved ALDO shoes now..!! :(

Now, some photos...

1) Bebe was slapped in his eye.

Someone in my family, I am not going to reveal who, but HE actually slapped Bebe in his eye, with HIS knuckles when Bebe kept barking. Bebe barked cos someone just walked by our door, and it was during the night, thus HE was not happy and over agitated, went over and "whammed" Bebe in the face, ended up aiming his right eye. Bebe shrieked and yelped in pain, his eyes unable to open.

I carried him away in my arms, and looked at him. Due to overwhelming pain, Bebe kept his eyes closed, and any slight movement just made his sensitive + tender eyes close.





See?.. Heartbreaking seriously....

Bebe, before the injury, with beautiful big round puppy eyes.

He has recovered fully liao, no worries!

2) Coco has grown bigger now! ^^

Coco is now 1 year old le. Her fur is currently changing into tan blue, slowly.


Nice right? With her middle parting coat. =)

Even Bebe has it as well.


Silky terriers should have their coat parting down the body. This is one of their characteristics. I am so proud of them... Muaaack!

Ahhh~~ I have to go le, got to attent to customers' emails.
Looks like there will be a part 2 to this post le. I shall continue soon, yes, soon, but duno when.. hahahaha!!!

Paranormal Experience 2 - Mum's 头七

Sunday, June 26, 2011
What is 头七?

Chinese believe, after a person passed on, their spirit will return to visit their family on the 7th day (头七). Which is why, many times we will see a piece of red paper pasted on the walls of void deck, usually at the lift area, up to a certain storey. That storey is where the deceased stayed when he/she was alive. This is to guide the spirit back to their home, in case "it" forgets where it is. During these 7 days, many people actually have strange encounters of thier own, including me...

守夜 - Albert's nightmare

Just like them, my mum's funeral was held at the void deck, with pieces of red paper pasting on the wall, up till our 3rd floor. It was my most dreadful 3 days 2 nights. I cried like nobody else's business, whenever I looked at her face in the coffin, lying down there peacefully, my tears would just flow on its own. Just couldn't help it..

According to Chinese belief, the children are supposed to stay overnight at the funeral, buring incenses, or even sleep there. We call it “守夜”. This is to prevent anyone or anything from disturbing the wake, especially from cats - black cats. Strictly to keep cats out of the place, we don't want them to leap over the coffin. (I know, just another belief. So I also wonder if it is real...)

That night, me, my BF Albert, and my aunt had to stay. BF and me were so tired, we fell asleep beside the coffin. Suddenly, I heard Albert gasping for breathe! I shock him awake, and asked what happened. He told me, he dreamt of himself falling down from a tall building, and the feeling was so real, that he actually thought he WAS FALLing and had to gasp for breathe, because the fall was too long, as if the building had 100 storeys like that. The  next 15 mins or so,  I had to wake him up 3 more times, because his body kept shaking, and he kept gasping for breathe again! Throughout the whole night, he told me his dreams were nothing but just accidents, such as a knock down, fall and other tragic nightmares.

After this, we told my aunt that we are going home to sleep. Luckily her son was there with her as well, so she agreed.

夜半惊魂 - Mysterious female voice.

I went to my room, my dad slept in the same room, on my bro's bed. Albert and my 2 younger bros slept in my mum's room, on her king sized bed. My dad was snoring, so I had no choice but to listen to MP3 player. I remembered very well, that time I was listening to one of my favourite song, "Cherish" by NEWS. Towards the end of the song, where the boys stopped singing and the background music was playing,

I suddenly heard a female voice, "Wen...." (My maiden name). I was taken aback, not by the calling, but by the voice of it. It sounded like my mum's!!! Only my parents call me "Wen", my grandparents and other relatives all call me "Ah Wen". So I paused my song, took out my earpeice and scanned my room. No, no one was there. My dad was still snoring away loudly. I thought to myself, maybe it was just hallucination. I continued with my music, this time, I repeated the song. Again, towards the end, at the same part where the boys stopped singing and music was playing, I heard it again. "Wen.."
I opened my eyes wide. I just couldn't believe my ears. I know this time it was real, because throughout the whole process I was not even asleep yet, still very awake, and I heard it twice. Never before have I heard such voice appearing in "Cherish". Furthermore, the part where the voice appeared, was not even the singing part! Just plain background music! So it couldn't be more wrong, there is really something going on.

Bebe showed signs of unknown presence

I looked at my dog Bebe's cage, he was sitting down, not sleeping, but facing the wall instead, with his back towards the door. I forgot to mention that, earlier on, just the night my mum passed away, Bebe looked extremely petrified. His body was trembling, tail drooped, head down. He refused to look at the direction of my mum's room. He refused to look at the small altar that we set up to offer jossticks to my mum for. He only wanted someone to hold him. That moment, all of us felt hairs standing on ends. My dad especially, he has long arm hair, so it is very obvious when he showed us his. From that minute onwards, we all know, that we were not alone. The sixth sense is just so strong. You can really feel another unseen presence there. The atmosphere was chilly. Let me tell you, you just cannot run away from this feeling, no matter how much you try to shake off.

Besides me, Albert experience was even more spooky than mine!

For that, I will leave it to the next post. This post is a bit too long le.



My Paranormal Experience

Tuesday, June 7, 2011
While watching "The Haunting - Animal Planet" on Youtube, I suddenly remembered some unexplanable incidents that I havd encountered in my life, and wanted to write them all down, in case I forget bits and pieces of them as I grow.
Nope, i am not joking, but i actually had quite a few paranormal experiences myself. For this post, I shall start off with the first incident, happened in year 2003. The rest i will post at a later time. Cos too much to write, one full recount per entry you know! Alright, here is my first story

1) Midnight coffee scent.

My dad, is actually a fostered child. His father died when he was a baby, and due to the large number of kids his mother was having that time, she has no choice but to ask her relative for help. This relative, is my current grandfather. He is the younger brother of my dad's biological father. He looked after my dad and brought him up well, thus my dad has always regarded him and his wife as parents.

As for the biological mother, she seldom gets to see her child. She passed away in year 2000. During that time till 2003, everything was fine, except the fact that my dad used to complain about this unknown chill that he would get when he came out for a puff in the middle of the night, like 3 a.m in the morning. He has this habit - after using the toilet, he would sit down and puff away, before going back to sleep. I have no idea why, and did not bother to ask, since it is not affecting me in any way.

Until one day, he could not tolerate any longer, he said it was quite spooky, and it was just too hard to ignore that chill running down your spine, and hairs standing on ends. So next day, he went to consult a master.

This master, many claimed that he has a special body, that allows deities or entities to possess him. Especially this typical one - 大二爷伯(黑白无常). Below is the image for reference.

So one particular afternoon, my house was visited by him and some men, whom I think are his helpers. They were talking in Hokkien, but lucky for me, I can speak Hokkien, so I was there throughout the whole conversation. They talked for a long time, but what left a deep impression in me was this part of the conversation.

Master: "There is an old woman in your house. In her 70s."
Dad: "Is it?!"
Master: "She is carrying a walking stick, and this walking stick has 3 legs. "
Dad: Remain silent.

Conversation went on a while.

Before the master left, he told my dad this, "Remember, she gave you away since you were young, so it is highly possible that she will return to visit and watch over you. She is just trying to fulfil her duty as a mother, something that she has failed to do in when she was alive. Besides that, your family has been offering coffee to her tablet for a long time now, thus if she ever returns, you will know if you suddenly catch a whiff of coffee scent. "

OMG!!! Why must he say this??? Can't he just let us live our days peacefully without this kind of imaginary nonsense??? Cos it was after this day, that I paid particular attention to any unexplanable coffee scent in my house.. Especially in the middle of the night..............

So few nights after the visit, I completely forgot about such "event". As usual, I was sleeping with my mother beside me. In the middle of the night, I remembered it was aroung 3plus a.m, I wanted to shee shee. I know it was aroung that time, as my handphone was just beside me (Yea, I know it is bad for me, but i didn't know anything about radiation's health risks at that time!). So I went down my bed, and opened my door.

Guess what?! The moment I opened my door, WOO! A strong scent of coffee just went pass me, straight in front of my face!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is not something that you smell from a distance. You can tell if the smell is coming from afar or near you, or just beside you. And this smell, definitely came from just beside me, it was sooooo strong!! Oh gosh.. I immediately ran back into my room, and woke my mum up. I told her what happened, but she just calmed me down and said, "aiya.. Scared for what? It's your own ah ma, she won't hurt you la".

-_- oh yea? You so cool huuuh? Wait till you experience it yourself. Till now, occasionally I still will get a sudden whiff of the coffee. Mind you, I don't really mind if it happens in the day; but so unfortunately, it always happens in the middle of the night, between 3 a.m to 3.45a.m or so. I had no choice but to get over it, which I am relieved ta=hat I did.

This was only a minor part of my experiences... Wait till you read on to my other posts...

Stay tuned.